Seat covers and leather seats

Answers to your doubts and solution:

 Imagine, this is your leather seat car. With or without armrest (read our harmrest tips for any questions)
  Front view. Beautifull leather seat, and that is why you want to protect it.
  So it will even get Better!!! ;-)
 But you experimented a little annoying problem. Your seat cover moves out all the time.
  With our solution. This will end! So you will be able to enjoy your seat covers and shine them.
  First of all, get somehow (in sale in our online shop), 4 little stretchers.

Have a look at your seat. There is a plastic cover all arround it base.

And probably, also you ´ll find structure bars underneath the seat. 


Perfect! So very easy trick.

Grap de first lateral edge of your seat cover about 3cm inside the nylon. 
  Pass the stretcher between the seat and it plastic cover and go find the structural bar to turn arround and get back. 

Pull out the stretcher between the seat and it plastic cover and grap the frond edge of the cover about 3cm inside the nylon.

Weel you got one side done!!

 Repeat the same operation for the other edge side of the cover seat.

Now your seat cover is handled with 4 grap points. This will avoid the seat cover to move or slide.

You got it?

 Have fun and enjoy ridding.

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