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We actively took part of the 5f kite meeting in Tarifa the past 24 and 25 of Spetember. Very well organized by Forokiters. It was the oportunity for all to try news kites, participate to the downwond and other kite competition.
We won the 1st place
Congratulation to Tribusurfers!!!!

To see the event video, clic on the following url:

Two of our best Paddel Surfers, are gonna get wet next weekend, to stand high ours Tribusurfers colors. We wish them gook luck. Come and cheer them or best, come and participate!!!

We got 1st place
Congratulation Tribusurfers!!!!

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All the information you need about kitesurf; Traveling, spots, videos, news, tests and much more.

Adds website specialized in kitesurf and all kite accesories to sell new or second hand equipment. For particular and profesionals.

Probably the most active kite forum in Spain:

Kite school in Costa del Sol - Estepona - Spain.

Kitemorocco is dedicated to showing you the best Kitesurf and Windsurf conditions that Morocco has to offer. Centers in Dakkla and Essaouira.

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