Make your seat cover fits on a seat car with armrest

There are too many models of seat with armrest to make posible the fabrication of seat covers adapted to each kind. So our best recomendation is that you make the adaptation yourself. No problem, it isn´t that dificult. Follow our indications, and let do it: 

This is your car seat with your armrest. Put the armrest on horizontal position and go for a meter. 

You need to measure the distance between the top of your seat and the fixation of our armrest. (vertically). Put it down somewhere so you won´t forget it. 

Now go for your seat cover.

This is your seat cover. 

Apply the same distance, you measured, from the top of your seat cover (vertically). It is a goodidea to do so on the back side of your seat cover, since it is where we need to make de transformation. 

So we got the vertical reference, now we need take the horizontal one. From the outside of your seat cover to inside, measure 4cm. This reference might sightly change according to the location of our armrest fixation. 
Make sure that reference works for you.

Now we have our spot reference. (yellow spot on our previous drawing). Arround that spot you have to draw a 3 to 6cm diameter circule. This will be the hole through which will pass your armrest. The circule diameter varies according to the thick of your armrest. Bigger armrest, bigger hole. However, you need to make the hole about 2cm small than the thick of the armrest because the material strech enough to allow the armrest pass by. And that way you make sure the hole won´t be visible.

BEFORE cutting off anything, make sure you are working on the correct side of your seat cover!! (driver seat cover - right side)

This point checked, you can take the scissors!!!

Once the hole cut off, you can seal it with a little silicone or similar, to make sure the material won ´t get dameged when streching.
Let it dry, and ready to dress!!!

Indications and measures are given with the only purpose of helping our customers to adapt their seat covers. Tribusurfers is not responsible of inadecuate transformations on its products. 

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