She came up one day with the name and the logo. She doesn´t owned the idea, because really the product already existed. However it was not perfect and hard to get. So that why and how Tribusurfers came to exist. She start producing in South America using the best materials and tecnics. By that time she came addicted to energetic drinks!!!

Anyway, now she got more relax. Tribusurfers is now a little team, all our products are made under close supervision in Europeso now all she is aspiring to is been able to came with new designs and products.

Fresh energy for Tribusurfers. Thanks to her, we gave a new dimension to Tribusurfers. She got into the team and push up the brand.She is our star sale. Pure thinking, always looking for new opportunities. Also very active, she practice kite, wind,snowboarding…. She had to be part of our adventure.

Tribusurfers came to be created because on the market their was no way to get what Carole was looking for. Hawaiian Seat covers that respond to good quality, design and price requirements.

Today Tribusurfers means to represent those standards. Flowers designs are authentic from Hawaii representing the very typical hibiscus flower; symbol of beauty, harmony and respect of nature.

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